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We Are Brisbane Based
Brand Builders

We have helped build the brands of some great small businesses in Brisbane. Sometimes we have assisted them from scratch and other times we have helped redefine and clarify existing elements to give new life to their business.

We’re ready to help your business too. So, whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business that needs a make over we have a package for you.



We must discover what you think about your company, what your aims and dreams are and what your ideal customer thinks and feels about your company. This part of the process involves an initial fact finding meeting and then the discovery stage where we explore all aspects of your brand. This can include market research, competitor analysis and sometimes focus groups.


Once we have gathered information and have started to form ideas it is time for the workshop. This is where we sit down with you and work through what we are going to achieve and how we are going to do it. This session can be held at our office or we can come to you.

Brand Promise

A brand promise is a statement made by an organization to its customers stating what customers can expect from their product and services. An actual promise of what the company will provide during its interactions with customers. We need to establish the brand promise early in the process so that we are focussed and clear on our objectives throughout all stages.


The important elements when designing a new brand are colours, fonts and textures. We like to use moodboards to help guide us towards the feel and aesthetic of the brand – this can then be deconstructed into a style guide, which is finally used to create the website.

Business Naming

The name of the business is a crucial part of the brand. For some projects the name is not to be changed at all. In other cases we devise improvements to an existing name. Often we have a clean sheet of paper and a brand new name needs to be created.

Logo Design

The design of a logo is a critically important element of your company’s brand. It has to be carefully considered and integrated into the overall strategy for the brand.

Typography & Colours

Flowing on from the logo design will be a colour palette for your brand. A range of hues that will pull the whole brand design together. We will also create a typographical style that will work to describe the style of text for headings and paragraphs.


A tagline can be powerful when used well. A great, memorable phrase can provide additional clarity and cut-through to enhance the brand.

Brand Guidelines

When we have locked the brand in we need to document it thoughtfully. We prepare a Brand Guidelines document that itemises everything that has gone into the design of your brand. This includes the typography, colours and logo useage.


Now everything is in place we can roll out the new brand. This can include the production of marketing materials such as a website, stationery, signage and documents.