Digital Advertising

Paid advertising solutions to get you more customers now.

Today there are many platforms to effectively advertise your business on.


Facebook works because everyone uses facebook. Having a strong presence here is essential for most businesses.


Google is a giant. It's bigger now than even the Yellow Pages used to be at it's height 20 years ago. Google advertising is a powerful foundational option for most businesses.

Other Social Media

There are several other social media channels that you can advertise on today. Such as Linkedin, Instagram, Gumtree, etc. The trick is advertising on the platforms your ideal clients would be using.

Connecting Brisbane

Connecting Brisbane is a platform created by our organisation. It is only available for business and organisations in the greater Brisbane area.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation has come along way in recent years. It's a complex and adapting formula. However, there are some tried and true essential guidelines to make your website rank favourably in searches.

Email Marketing

Sending succinct, timely, beautifully crafted emails showcasing your products & services to your database is a powerful way to gain new & repeat business.

Liberty will tailor an advertising package to suit your business, budget, objectives & clients.

The Liberty Digital team knows how to research and leverage the information available from social media platforms. We can target people by many different factors including location, demographic, behaviour.

There are also some specific targeting opportunities which are unique to social media that our Liberty Digital experts in Brisbane can help you to harness for your advertising.  These include contact lists: data from your CRM.  Website visitors: users that visited your site.  “Lookalike Audiences”: Users with similar characteristics to your “source” target audience &  Data Partners: users based on third-party data and offline activity.