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Get A Logo That Captures The Heart Of What You're Doing And Communicates It Clearly.


Give Your Business The Right First Impression
Liberty Digital is devoted to building long term branding solutions that improve success. We believe in working hard to effectively support our clients’ goals; striving to become a premier digital agency!

Logo Design & Branding Solutions

Gone are the days when brands were kept alive through TV commercials and print. With the world of ever evolving technology growing rapidly, your brand is as much alive as you yourself! It is singular in its own sense; with its specific, distinct identity.

At Liberty Digital, we provide you the logo design which is composed to complement your brand’s individual personality. We strongly believe in the idea that a brand’s ideology to be faithfully portrayed is an indispensable need.

Company Strengths At A Glance

Impressive Aesthetics, Targeted Approach

Liberty Digital, being a reputed custom logo design company in Australia strives to add an appealing touch within the design services. We delve deeper into studying market demographics, customer preferences, and top design trends. With careful selection of colours and appropriate features, the design aesthetics are nurtured with immense power to convince and persuade the viewers. Our professional logo designers make sure to satisfy each customer and so ask for comprehensive logo brief before dipping hands into the design work.

We Can Help You design the Right Logo

Liberty Digital is a digital marketing company that has been designing websites and logos for Australian companies, as well as companies all over the world, for over 15 years.

At Liberty Digital our professional logo designer will consider all important aspects of a logo design, such as using colours that will differentiate your logo from your competitor’s (so that your branding stands out) and ensuring that the logo design is visually appealing to your potential consumers. It’s these considerations (amongst others) that make choosing a professional logo design company like Liberty Digital to design your logo of upmost importance.

Whether your business is based in Brisbane or throughout Australia or the world, contact Liberty Digital to fulfil your logo design requirements!

Bespoke Logo Designs

Make Your Logo Design Stand Out

Our talented doodlers at Liberty Digital specialise in business logo design, so we know a thing or two about creating an impact with consumers.

Developing a logo for your business is the first step to creating your brand story. We’ll take the time to understand what drives your business and vision. Your logo should make a strong statement about who you are and reflect your style, but also appeal to your target audience.

With all of this ammunition up our sleeves, our logo designers in Brisbane will explore a number of different avenues to bring out your personality. We’ll string all the visual elements together to create a professional, custom designed logo that is memorable, recognisable and versatile.

What's Included:

Here is the usual process for developing a stellar logo for our clients.

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Tailor-Made Digital Marketing


A lot of people underestimate the power of typography to convey a message. Choosing the right font for your brand is more than just finding something that “looks nice”. The correct typeface can speak volumes about your company.

Our design staff have many years of experience researching and finding a typeface with just the right nuance to perfectly represent your business.

If you are looking at creating a new logo for your startup business, or would like to give your old logo a facelift, then talk to us. We’re friendly and would love to help you get the most from your identity.

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