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How to Invite People Who Like Your Content to Like Your Facebook Page

Getting more Likes on your Facebook Page is a good way to build your audience and grow your sphere of influence.  Inviting people to Like your Page is a great idea.  You don’t want to invite tons of random people in an effort to simply boost your Like count – this comes across as spammy and doesn’t make your brand look good.

What you want to do is be thoughtful about your invites. If you notice a user has been interacting with some of your posts and content, then they may be interested in Liking and Following your Page. Additionally, if someone Likes or Follows brands that are similar to yours, they may be interested in your Page, too. Simply put, be thoughtful about who you invite to Like your Page and you’re far more likely to develop a relevant and engaged audience.

Via a Post That Someone Liked

  1. Go to your Page and scroll down to a post.

  2. Click on the number of Likes on the post. A new window will pop up.

  3. Invite people who have Liked your content to Like your Page.

Note:  You need to be logged in as your page (not as your profile) to do this.

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